WORDS FROM THE PEOPLE: Covid Rights Protests

Alright, I understand I am about to catch some shit for this, but at this point, I really don’t care. Before I get into this, to my small business friends who had genuine concerns for your well being, your livelihood, and civically discussed your concerns for your future, this is not for you. This is for the dip shits barking at the top of their lungs because their general way of life has been inconvenienced for a couple of months.

Protests, en masse, have been popping up all over the country in regards to certain “rights” being taken from them. Meanwhile, I have been asking myself,”What rights?” And everything I have seen has some sort of concern that has nothing to do with rights, but privilege. It is your privilege to own a business, it is your privilege to go to a park, it is your privilege to enjoy a hot meal at the restaurant of your choice. Do not get me wrong, these are all very important to the American way of life, but in no way are your rights being trampled on. You’re being inconvenienced and you hate it. I get that. I fucking hate it too, but we are in this together and protesting anything in regards to quarantine is only going to make matters worse. More people will get sick, you will raise the already extreme anxiety the country is feeling, and you’re only proving to the world how weak willed our country really is.

If anything, this has opened my heart even wider to other matters at hand. Actual human rights. The right to fucking exist without ridicule and shame. On that note, as these gun toting “Patriots” stormed the capitals across the country, where the fuck were they when the LGBTQ community fought for their rights? Where were they when women’s health decisions are being made by a primarily male run system?

I am a straight, cis gendered white male. Literally at the top of the socioeconomic food chain. And I have so many friends that are in the LGBTQ+ category of humans, its disheartening that they can’t get the same kind of support.

Let me guide you to Add The Words, Idaho a local, non-violent, unarmed activist group who all they want is to not be discriminated against legally. To love who they want to love, to marry them and have the rights associated with that, to not be turned down for jobs and housing because they were born a certain way. This group also showed up to the capital building in Boise and protested. Covering their mouths, never raised a stink with law enforcement, and anyone who was detained went willfully. Knowing that law enforcement was doing their duty as well.

So, the next time you see a bunch of “Patriots” made primarily of uppity white folk, standing at the capital’s of the country in full tactical gear and assault weapons, maybe ask yourself, where were they when….?” And see how quickly your view changes. We’re all human. We all have rights. Chose your battles wisely, because I can tell you right now, this is not one of them. I sure as hell don’t remember Trump yelling on his Twitter about about,”LIBERATE LGBTQ PEOPLE!” or “LET WOMEN DISCUSS THEIR OWN HEALTH!” Instead, he instigates violence by screaming for states to liberate themselves. WTF?

We will never be a utopia. As idealist and as amazing as that would be, but we need to start acting more decent. With kindness and empathy. The world does NOT need children raising a stink. It needs people who accept others for who they are (within the boundaries of the law of course) and love each other. In times of despair to raise up and help those when they need it most. Support our medical staff, get groceries for little ol’ granny down the street, mow a yard for your neighbor.

The world thinks we’re a fucking joke right now and I know we are capable of so much more. America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, where people from around the world flock to and attempt to make something for themselves. To look for acceptance and instead are greeted with intolerance and demoralized emotions. If your’re upset enough to show up to a capital building in full weaponized attire for your monthly haircut, but not upset enough to voice your concerns about children being separated from their parents at the border for months on end or that a queer family member who has tried seeking acceptance from those they love, then you are on the wrong side of history. We will open up again, there are reasons to get upset, I know that, but if this is about “rights”, maybe take a look inward and ask yourself what ACTUAL “rights” have been violated, ESPECIALLY here in Idaho. Nobody wants this quarantine. NOBODY, hell I was laid off because of it. I uprooted my life to get a small education to get into a career I thought I would love only to be laid off 5 months later. You think I’m happy? No. Just understand, I feel for everyone right now, I truly do. I just don’t like seeing people getting uppity for a reason that feels so completely trivial by comparison right now. If it really bugs you so much, call, email, blast social media pages, get your voice heard to the right people. Nobody will fault you for that. Showing up armed…come on man, really?

When this is over, once Covid-19 has been beat (and it will be beat!) I will aim to turn myself toward something small that I can work with. I have never been to a Pride event, but now, more than ever, I want to go. To hug my brothers, sisters, and non-binary brethren and let them know I care. That I will fight for them and be an ally for their HUMAN rights. They deserve at least that much.

For now, I will leave this post the way I have left many of these posts. For the love of our people and our country, find love. Be compassionate and show empathy. Your rights are still in tact, I promise. This will end and when it does, I will be the first to support all of you along the way. In the meantime, be patient, practice all the things we’re being medically warned about, and support each other through these trying times. We can do it. Much love to you all and know that I’m thinking about you all. ❤

“Insisting on your rights without acknowledging your responsibilities is not freedom, it is adolescence.”

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