Voting Is Broken : OPINION

By Cody L.

I can vote. And I love that. But voting in America is broken. We broke it with identity politics. And social constructionism. But mainly, we broke it because the majority of Americans can’t seem to measure an idea using an objective standard. They can’t measure it because no objective standard prevails. Except that, no objective standard prevails (i.e. secularism/agnosticism/atheism). They believe that humans are the standard, but fail to see behind them a history full of evil. The only standard that units humans are their inherent capacity for evil.

So, because we stand on a standard we control, we tribalize and battle over subjective ideas, immutable characteristics, and arbitrary preferences. Basically, we smear each other like children and belittle anyone who dissents from our own subjective truths. Thus, voting divides are broken into subjective tribal causes where the tribes honor conformity first and logic, reason, and goodness second. One only has to look a couple hundred years into history to see the outcomes from this type of behavior/society.

An idea is either good or not (i.e. evil). And most people, even well-intentioned people, who should know better, will go to a voting booth today and vote because they can emote an opinion based on their own standards or those they believe a society constructs from nothing but majority rule preferences.

We live in the greatest society ever constructed. But, the original ideas are running thin. The secular humanist are at the gate. They have climbed the walls. They have captured much of society from within. And they are trying to bring a society that once generally believed in an objective good, back to the whims of an evil-natured, human first, society. They can do so with ease because for most of human history this has been the default. Not hard to trick people into being, a rudderless people, with neither a good or evil standard in which to operate. Essentially, we are as deep a society today as a cheap line from a Disney movie (i.e. follow your feelings your heart can’t be wrong).

So. Yeah. Happy voting.

“The Citizens of the United States of America have given as signal a proof of their wisdom and virtue in framing and adopting a constitution of government, without bloodshed or the intervention of force, as they, upon a former occasion, exhibited to the world of their valor, fortitude, and perseverance; and it must be a pleasing circumstance to every friend of good order and social happiness to find that our new government is gaining strength and respectability among the citizens of this country in proportion as it’s operations are known, and its effects felt.

You, Gentlemen, act the part of pious Christians and good citizens by your prayers and exertions to preserve that harmony and good will towards men which must be the basis of every political establishment; and I readily join with you that “while just government protects all in their religious rights, true religion affords to government its surest support.”

– G. Washington. 19 November 1789

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