By Lunaura

Staring into a crowd of people
Moving like a sea of purpose
Lost in the waves of newness
I float adrift

Caught in strands of well meaning
Only to be tossed here and there
Surrounded by the foam of advice
I sink, heavy

Called dark by those without a clue
This sea awakens into brilliance
Blinded with screams of the so called damned
I adapt, slowly

The currents of change swirl
Around all those who were new like me
Drowned with a smile upon their face
I surrender, happily

This is but a little death
Rode to the crest over and over
In the hands of the modern Poseidon
I flourish, radiant

I enter the halls of Hades
From the depth of the endless sea
To meet the damned in their own lair
I stand, reborn

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