Subversive Business: Tips From The Poor Man

Poor Man Brian is on the road this week and had some thoughts to share with all of you here at home in Idaho…

As Tiffany’s laptop and pad bag is pulled from T.S.A. pre-check, I think about America. Look at us, we strive for mediocrity. There’s nothing like a cross country trek to show how America excels in providing just enough to not quite make it, to remain average.

It’s nothing more than poorly orchestrating fear, in order to tax us into prosperity!
If it only stopped at the gates of government overstep and trampling of what little dignity we still hold in the lines at the airport. No, corporate America instills in us everyday: just scrape by.

When was your last “good” experience with a monolith?
When did you last step out of a multinational bank, store, hotel, agency of any sort and think “hey self, they really cared” ?
It’s likely few and far(t) between, if ever.

It’s time for things to change! It’s up to each of us to change them.
I want to encourage all of you in this coming year to push back against the mega-corps.
Here’s some ideas!

  • Be resolute
  • Stray from your comfort zone of meh
  • Find a local boutique
  • Hit up a local brewery/distillery/winery
  • Find a farm to plate restaurant
  • Do your stay-action with an evening at a local bed and breakfast

A community must support a community to thrive!
We can no longer accept the shadows of mediocrity. Don’t just get by – strive to thrive!

About Poor Man

Brian is the owner of Poor Man Window Cleaning located in Boise, Idaho.

Beyond exceptional window cleaning, and pressure washing services he is a resident radical in the local scene who supports his community through his passion for service.

He approaches business a different way, and it’s a refreshingly subversive compared to the way big bu$ine$$ operates – he cares, and it shows.

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