So What: RANT

You don’t have to have a solution to know what you’ve got isn’t working. I don’t have the answers, but it’s clear that for too long we’ve cared more for ourselves than for each other. Sought riches before making the most of the wealth we already have.

As a country, as a people, as a PLANET. There is much change due; we as individuals have a greater responsibility than ever to help make those changes be ones born of compassion and conscience, in respect to all living things, so that we can find a greater sense of true liberty.

We must progress. It’s too late in the game for us to spend so much energy on these social, political,religious, and trivial archetypes and rituals. We should be SO much more advanced than we are – it’s the 21st century already!

And make no mistake, I take my own full ownership of it. I’m no better, I’ve been the user and the mindless consumer, and “done what I had to do” to get through ( sometimes still do! ) but with a sense of hope and sometimes fear I know my generation will be among the first of a great turning of consciousness. Now, for the first time in eons or perhaps ever, available to mankind is a developing collective mind and with that comes a most grave responsibility to see that immense resource made to benefit ALL mankind.

United is so much our battle cry, we cannot let it become our swansong. We must come together as a country, as a people, as a planet, and save ourselves from ourselves to create a better world. It starts everyday and it’s up to US.

Is that a ‘real’ answer? *shrug* That’s just what I think. Like I said I don’t believe I am anyone so special to have any answers, even if I do have ideas.

I’m just one of the ones. All I can work on is me, based on what I know. I encourage all others to do the same, having faith that there are greater forces governing our fates than we can ever comprehend.

“So what” will get us all nowhere.

We need to stop trying to figure out who’s fault it is and start making solutions, as there are a great many things already overwhelming the system without pouring fuel on the fire.

Does that mean breaking the system?
No. It’s already broken. We just need to clear the twitching wreckage out of our way before we can rebuild.

Economically, and on many levels I think our societies are very unprepared and undeveloped for the world we’ve too quickly created. I don’t deceive myself to think that 200 years ago our forefathers had any idea how big our world could be, or that we’ve even yet fully imagined how simultaneously interconnected it truly is. They laid the best foundation they could, but even if history had held true to it I am not certain it would be as a free and working system as they’d hoped or as it needs to be today.

Logically of course we all find ourselves where we are as a direct result of our actions or inactions. SO many of our monsters we create ourselves.

So far like foolish children we’ve squandered so much of the wealth we’ve acquired – economically, technologically, spiritually. Our great gifts, the ideals of which our forefathers wisely struggled to gain that we might even have a hope to one day glimpse the fruits of their efforts. And dammit, I EXPECT MORE from we humans. Our civilizations are richer than ever but our people are more poor in soul than they have ever been.

What does this poverty look like? It comes in many forms. It’s the frail faces you see a world away who can be saved “for just pennies a day”, but it’s also the kids who are sure to go to school because that’s the only way they eat, it’s the every day person beat down by the e v e r y day who just can’t pull themselves up, it’s the vet who went to fight and came back with trauma’s his government won’t acknowledge or treat, it’s the millions who toil proud of their sweat but knowing they will work all their life die in debt for the very box they’re buried in and never even have the hope to break even, it’s a larger segment of real human people trying to do their best than many would like to admit exist. A modern day fiefdom.

Too many questions! I don’t have the answers, I’m just one guy, but I got ideas and they’re built on a better world for everyone. All I can do is try to pass that on to the people within my small reach. I know we won’t ever find all the answers on our own, or fighting with one another, and that there are worse places to start tackling these issues than with taking better care of each other.

I don’t care about affiliations and labels, all those do is slow us down, I enjoy hearing whatever sides anyone wants to share with me because I feel every sincere opinion has some validity.

A great many people suffering in one form or another, free to perhaps pursue happiness, but never free enough to actually find it…what’s the solution?

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