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We were fortunate enough to catch the teaser tweet from See Thomas Howl about the new album and quickly snagged the early release tracks. Through the magic of the interwebs we shot over some quick questions about the new album and are happy to be able to share this insight with our faithful subversives!

The Star Stryke Six Archives

RELEASE DATE – Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019
The third stellar full length LP includes 9 brand new tracks. This album is being released independently on BandCamp, with all the other streaming platforms (iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, etc. ) shortly after.

Subversion: What can you tell us about the new tunes?
STH: The inspiration for this album came from an old retro video game called ʼStar Strikeʼ. Itʼs a single-player video game, released by Mattel for its Intellivision video game system in 1982. Intellivision‘s best-selling game in 1982, with over 800,000 copies sold, Star Strike was inspired by the famous “trench run” sequence in the 1977 film Star Wars The player must drop bombs on alien weapons silos before Earth moves into range.

My mind still works like a childʼs, hahaha! Every time I played that game I was thinking about who the pilots might be. So I decided to write a short story about one of the pilots.  The story definitely takes a hard turn out of the limits of the video game. I let my imagination run wild and I added some betrayal, a fist fight, a crater monster and some ‘Spacescapeʼ elements. Finally there is the tragic end of my pilot who I refer to as SS6. I should have prefaced all this by announcing my nerdiness! 

Subversion: (laugh) Hey, you’re in a safe space here, friend. That’s really great there’s so much story behind it – we’re BIG fans of story!

STH: That’s where the creative process begins. I then start to write the ‘Soundtrackʼ for the story. Iʼll do some sketches and put feelings behind the major moments of the story. Iʼll experiment with sounds from a variety of synths and a riff will come from it. As with many producers sometimes a sound will take you to a place and the next thing you know a song is born.

Iʼm very happy with ‘SS6 Archivesʼ. With every new album I feel like Iʼm getting closer and closer to what I am trying to achieve. I did work towards making my sound a little more upbeat, a little more noisy and a little darker. I really hope people like it because thatʼs where this train is headed – hahaha!

Subversion: What can you tell us about your influences?
STH: I have many musical influences, some of which are my producer friends and peers. I can tell you though that there are those life changing moments when you hear something that just grabs your soul.

The first time I heard MegaDriveʼs album ‘198XADʼ I was under the spell. That album has that totally killer bad ass vibe. It was irresistible to me. I still listen to it often. I just love the soundscape and the intensity of the song writing. ‘Le Matosʼ is another heavy hitter for me. They have really nailed that 80sʼ twisted magic sound. They seem like they have that natural ‘Soundtrackʼ type of song writing ability and it just blows me away.

Finally Iʼll mention one other artist that Iʼm obsessed with right now and itʼs none other than GosT. Iʼm sure that will be surprising to some to hear me say that. You know his latest album ‘Posessorʼ…. Iʼm still trying to fully absorb what happened to me after I listened to that album the first time hahaha! The production is crisp and punchy. Itʼs so intense and at times it disturbs me. Itʼs like he lives in another dimension of electronic music and heʼs the only one in there and weʼre all like ‘Hey how did you get in there?” hahaha.

I look up to these guys but I try not to sound like them. I very consciously and deliberately work towards having my own sound. I donʼt want to sound like anyone else. I first got into music to get out my aggression as a young teenager. I grew up in a very ‘Other side of the tracksʼ kind of town. It was easy to get into trouble there. Fist Fights were a common occurrence and It was really a part of the social pecking order. My parents really supported me getting into music because I think they saw how much I loved it. They watched how much time I spent practicing and learning and saw I had a real passion for it. I believe they also knew that the more time I spent on music meant that was less time for me to get into trouble! hahaha!

Subversion:  You’re doing a good job! We really enjoy your sound. Tell us about you. What’s a good movie?
STH: My favorite movie? Itʼs ‘TurboKidʼ and much of that is because of the soundtrack. Itʼs genius. My favorite book is called ‘A spell for Chameleonʼ. Itʼs written by Piers Anthony. Check it out if you can. I highly recommend it.

Subversion: Piers Anthony was some of the first fantasy I read! Great writer.  The Incarnations of Immortality…specifically On A Pale Horse was one that really stands out. Thanks for sharing with us Thomas! We look forward to jamming out to the new album!

STH: Thanks so much for letting me hang out with you guys! You Rock!

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