Immediacy of the Moment: Your Joy

Where is your immediacy? If it lies in checking current notifications on that tiny screen, we need to talk. Serious shit is passing you by because your nose is buried there instead of exploring life, doing things, making things, and creating change (large or small – it all matters)!

Think back to when you where a child, and instead of setting the table, you uttered a heartfelt plea: “but Moooom, I have to go finish the fort NOW!!!” It was IMPORTANT. It was what you needed to do immediately. Your life depended on it. The world’s problems would be solved in that fort of possibilities! Think about when you got so interested in fossils (dinosaurs, wildflowers, etc) that you checked out every book that the library had?

When was the last time you were so freakin’ fired up about something that you wanted to throw everything else aside to immerse yourself in it because:

  • it meant the whole world to you, and filled your heart
  • it would make a difference to you and others
  • it was creative and amazing
  • it was ____________ ?

Think. Seriously! Close your eyes and think about what you would love to do.
Build furniture, carve potatoes, photograph rocks, name stars, play a didgeridoo, take the perfect nap? Where is your passion? It is still there, in that child within, waiting to be all fired up again! Do not give me the “I don’t have any time” excuse. Having worked multiple jobs at once, I still carved out time for my passions (art, writing, music), because I decided that life TASKS were not going to get in the way of my LIFE. You have to decide to shovel the manure efficiently and get out of the barn into the sunshine.

How can you carve out time for your passions? Though I do believe that people are too focused on their phones, I’m not anti-technology, by any means. The organizational capabilities of my cell have given me more time to do my creative work. I set alarms to not only DO mundane tasks, but also to STOP doing things I shouldn’t be doing (timer limit on tv, for example). Calendar reminders tell me when to pay bills, give the dog meds, do household tasks, and by setting these auto-reminders up, it frees my brain for creativity and carves out time for my joys.

Get up 15 minutes earlier to start organizing a working space for your passion, even if it is a closet or a draped-off corner. Make it yours. Make it special. Make it your fort. Put away the cellphone social media for an hour and write a paragraph in your novel. Physically say “no” out loud when you reach for your phone to check statuses, or give your phone to your partner for two hours with a “no matter what I say, don’t give it back” rule. We lived for a long time without phones attached to us, and you can live without checking yours for an hour or two. Really. The world will not end – but you will change YOUR world with a few extra minutes each day! Expand your world beyond your screen.

I don’t know how to stress this enough: anything is possible if you want it.
Feed your passion. If you don’t want it, then you’ll wallow in the same task list day after day, with none of the childhood immediacy your used to enjoy. Here’s the thing: if you want it, you have to work for it, and suddenly, one day, you’ll realize, you’re not working for it, you’re actually enjoying it. The joy of the moment. Without looking at your cell phone.

Dawn Schmidt Ventimiglia
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