Fuckarow VS Fuckaree

While urban dictionary is quick to dismissively define these terms in short one line snippets, we here at Subversion Magazine feel that it is a subject of some import which requires a slightly more in depth analysis in order to gain a full breadth of understanding.

By first defining these terms as they are broadly understood we may then begin to assess and compare their differences as well as their similarities.


A BAD or extremely unpleasant situation.

It’s not hard to comprehend the base meaning of this word. We’ve all experienced it. You wake up and start trying to just live a normal day and everything from pouring the coffee to tying your shoes goes absolutely wrong. You pour the grounds into the water receptacle, you put your shoes on the wrong feet and don’t even notice you have on two different ones until you rear end a police officer on the way to work and find yourself in cuffs sitting on the curb staring at your mismatched loafers. A real fuckarow.


A very pleasant situation or experience that does not necessarily have anything to do with sexual activities.

Now, outright we see a distinct difference here between the two words by their very nature. A fuckarow being bad and a fuckaree not only apparently being good, but extremely so, even going so far as being defined by some as a “zesty enterprise”!

The hard part then becomes not to understand the meaning of these two words themselves but how so many people seem to be confused in their definitions and proper usage. Likely this is due in part to their base of expletives as roots in their construction, which is contrary to the fact that neither term necessarily applies to coitous in any fashion. Further, it is truly possible that in this modern age we have simply become too careless in how we spend our fucks. A fuck here. A fuck there. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck. See. Wasteful, verbal detritus! One must be careful or you could easily end up right dead center in the middle of a real clusterfuck and despite the bargain power of bundling no one really wants that.

I encourage you then dear reader to combat against the redefining of these classic words!
Reclaim them! Use them properly and be mindful of where you cast all of your fucks lest they fall upon the hard stone and your field of fuckery be barren.

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