Featured Author: Kameryn James

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to catch up with Kameryn James, author and talk with her about her craft as well as her most recent works.  She’s been a long time friend of our editor, a talented writer, and supporter of creativity in her own community.

Here’s a brief bio:

Kameryn James grew up in Louisiana.
After doing the “right thing” of attending college and earning a couple of degrees (and debt), she finally pursued her original dream of writing. Although she writes primarily horror, she enjoys reading many genres, especially fantasy.
Kameryn often challenges the idea of who gets a “happily ever after” ending in her stories.

By day, Kameryn James is a psychotherapist named Alison.


SM: WHY do you write?
KJ: I think to get ideas or nonsense and entire worlds out of my head. Writing is a safe way for me to process and share my own experiences.

SM:How long have you been a writer?
KJ: I started writing stories at ge 10. Yet I made the mistake of not following my dreams and pursued a “real” career. In 2013, I finally got over myself and submitted short stories for publication. Oh, I like the way my husband answered my question about being deranged enough to write horror: You’ve just found a healthy outlet.

SM: Other published works?
KJ: My novel is called Doll House, a supernatural thriller type. I just released A Book Full of Terrible Things, which is an anthology of my short horror stories.

SM: Who is YOUR favorite author?
KJ: Ummmmmm, my favorite authors: Neil Gaiman. I also really enjoyed reading Lemony Snicket and Tony Di’Terlizzi/Holly Black to my son as he grew up.

Book full of terrible things:

Doll House:

Her Blog:
Look for an upcoming review of her anthology “Book Full Of Terrible Things” from Subversion Magazine in the coming months, but don’t wait around – go get your own copy today!

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