FEATURED ARTIST: Off The Chain Atheist

We were fortunate to get the chance to connect with Thomas from Off The Chain Atheist and wanted to share his work with our audience!
Are we an atheist publication? No.
But we are a publication that believes in providing a space for people to share their thoughts, opinions, and expressions of themselves. We look forward to speaking more in the future with OTCA on the topic of atheism and more.

“ElementX is the element of eXpression. Every work of art or design carries within it an eXpression of its creator, which is reflected in those who enjoy & appreciate those creations. ElementX Designs seeks to provide creative & unique designs that fit your frame of mind. eXpress yourself.”

“Off The Chain Atheist creates unique designs for secular minds, particularly those who are outspoken, unabashed atheists. Some are snarky and in your face, others make direct statements, and others are just plain funny and making fun of some aspect of religion. The goals of OTCA are to provide designs with which atheists can express themselves, and to attempt to make those who are religious stop and examine their beliefs.”

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