We were fortunate to have the chance to chat with Andrew Ploof, an Idaho based spray paint artist who is finding satisfaction through his art while overcoming challenges place in front of him at the same time. I can’t recall exactly how I came across his work on Facebook, likely just in some of my wild wanderings in search of creativity, but I was impressed with his personality and no-quit attitude. We asked Andrew to fill us in on his art and the obstacles he is still facing head on.

From Andrew….

idaho artMy name is Andrew, I’m 26 years old, married, and have four amazing kids! I live in Rupert Idaho.  I’m a military brat and I have lived in a lot of states. I love hanging out with my family and playing video games. I love outer space and all the unknown of space.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Cervical Myoclonus Dystonia. This is a neurological condition that affects my muscles in my head, neck, and other muscles throughout my body. With this diagnosis I was unable to work. Being out of work sent me into depression and I was unable to care for my family. In January of 2017 I had a Deep Brain Stimulator placed. This was supposed to help curb my symptoms and improve my life. Unfortunately it made things worse. It took my ability to speak and express myself.

In August of 2017 I was watching youtube and seen the spray paint art and decided to give it a try.  I fell in love and it gave me a way to express myself through the depression, anxiety, and inability to speak. With the art comes struggles. My hands shake and cramp so it makes details hard. Things that would be simple for another artist are more difficult for me. Usually spray paint artists can do a painting in just a few minutes depending on detail. Mine usually take around 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Sometimes I cant do them the same day due to the pain.

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My art is something I love and no matter how hard it is for me to do I will continue to work hard to create something new. This is my outlet of expression and a way to help contribute to my family.

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