5 Things You Can Do To Be Less Stupid Every Day

There’s already plenty of help out there for those of you looking to do more to improve yourselves. “Adopt these 3 habits of successful people!” or “Do these five things every day to be smarter!”…

Well, we’re taking a slightly different angle on this topic and have chosen to provide you not with tips to increase your intelligence – which you already must have a surplus of if you’re reading our publication! – but rather to help you decrease your stupidity, which despite being relatively bright you may still have in abundance.

Ask Questions
Admit you don’t know everything. Better yet, admit you know nothing; it will save time.

In this modern age you can find out just about anything you want to know by googling it, so really “knowing stuff” just takes up room in your head that could be better used for movie trivia and pop song lyrics from the 80’s – important stuff. But, should you find that knowing stuff is actually a skill you might need, often the easiest way to find something out that you don’t know is to ask someone who does.

Get Out In The Big Blue Box
Also called exercising (?), but that sounds like something religious…so just get off your ass and go walk around every so often.

Turns out there’s a whole world out there; it’s mostly just the other people in it that make it intolerable, so go for a walk! They say this increases the brain drugs your body makes naturally and can lead to more relaxation as well as inspiration.

Write Shit Down
It can be a official journal or just notes scribbled down on scraps. Have ideas? Write them down. Need to remember something? Write it down.

Even if you never look at the note again the act of writing it down helps write it into your brain. Notes aren’t just about remembering, they’re about not forgetting and so a lot of times you’ll happen to see your note just in time to catch a detail that was about to get loose – thanks past me!

Play Games
This falls under the category of learning stuff believe it or not. Playing is a key activity to learning and retaining brain elasticity. Play is one of the first most accessible tools that we humans have at our disposal and we rely on it from a very early age.

You see playing takes the fear out of learning. It can help take the self-consciousness out of not knowing and worrying about looking foolish. It also makes putting new information into your head FUN and in the long run that can really help you retain the things that are important.

Vibe With Your Tribe
In other words: surround yourself with good people. Smart people too.

They say that you become like the 6 people you spend the most time with so don’t hang out with a bunch of unmotivated clods. Choose wisely and in some cases maybe even make yourself less available to people you know might distract you or bring you away from what you’re working towards.

BONUS: Change Up Your Routine
Maybe it’s taking a different road to work, or doing something different for breakfast. It can really be any little thing that just changes things up.

This is recommended because it can break the same old scene of your day to day life and make you see your world in a new light. Taking off from the regular routine can make you more appreciative of things you may have just been blindly stumbling past with your zombie mode turned on.

We hope these simple tips are a benefit to you in hacking your own brain and finding greater enjoyment in your reality. Be sure to check back to this site often, as well as our Facebook page for more great ideas on subverting reality and challenging your own mind!

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