5 Power Words Used By Power People

Power people aren’t like other people. They use power words and wear power suits while they eat their power bars to dominate their niche and explode their downline – with POWER!

Now, if you’re not a power person you might want to stop here because these powerful lessons in this power article might just blow your little mind.

There. Since you’ve decided to lead your fear by the nose and take your power to the next level you’re ready to accept these righteous words and have your own HELL YEAH moment!

Don’t worry if none of what I say runs wildly in the face of logic! Don’t be concerned that your mind will rebel at the absurd duality laden trite platitudes that make up nearly the entirety of all the counsel you receive. Trust in the process as the recurring payments free you from your attachment to money and common sense.

Best of all: YOU don’t have to worry about doing anything. Just visualize what you want to happen and wait for the universe to manifest abundance through the amazing flow of quantum attraction. Even if you never leave the house you can command amazing energetic powers to transcend time and space and bring you success! The power is in your hands, just as soon as we receive the check!

In the meantime we’ve put together some super power plays to help you wreck the competition and quantum leap your way to wielding these super secret techniques!

Everything Is Exciting!
Boom! Pop! Wow! It’s all so EXCITING! Everything! Everything happening! Everything not happening! Exclamation points! Act like your hair is on fire and your ass is catching, talk fast and loud and wave your arms a lot because people that talk with their hands are action people and action people get stuff done.

Now. Do It Now Now.
Later is for saps. If you have to think about something it’s probably dumb and not a very power move. So bounce around from ill conceived venture to ill conceived venture until your branding or the IRS finally catch up. The Now Now is also what you need to encourage your downline to buy into – and do it now. If they have time to think you may have time to think and nobody wants that to happen.

Write A Self-Help Book
But don’t bother writing a real book, people don’t read anything but hook. Fact is people don’t really read at all and this works to your advantage. So write short blocks of text stolen from a dozen other gurus and fill in the space with big goofy illustrations and oversize quotes to help really milk that page real estate.

“I couldn’t believe the amazing power phrases I learned from this intense two hour course! I’m totally ready to dominate – and it only cost me $1,600 per month! THANKS TONY!”

Threaten. Scare. Cajole. Whatever bullshit you gotta lay down, that’s the key. If scarcity of the offer doesn’t bait them into signing up include some big scary what-ifs, and add a limited time frame to seal the deal. After all, if these sheep aren’t living in the NowNow they’re just waiting to be sheared. Frightened people don’t have time to think, so scare the shit out of them and you’re sure to seal the deal.

Acronyms are FACTONYMS!
We don’t have the time to spell them all out for you but acronyms are gold! Just take a short word and think up some bullshit meaning for their abbreviation – it’s a whole new way to create your own pre-canned farts to pass around. For instance the classics F.E.A.R…False Evidence Appearing Real….Face Everything And Rise…you can really make up any definition you want as long as it’s short and backs up your selling point without offering a lot of logic.

…and you know what’s sad?
People fall for this. We’re not dressing it up.

We’re barely exaggerating the language used here. These are literally the tactics preached and encouraged by dozens of action/life/business coaches who are ready to save you from your problems with money by making sure you don’t have any.

Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be so many of these funnel guzzlers out there if people weren’t gullible enough to sign away their hard earned money for it – don’t be one of them.

It can be hard with the number of charlatans out there but never rush into anything, question any self proclaimed gurus true intent and examine their motives.

Better yet, realize you have within yourself all you will ever need if you but take the time to nurture it and pursue the path of your heart with fierce passion – then the power really will be in your hands.

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