Foodie Pr0n

The internet is chock full of disgustingly graphic images of food. Velvety chocolate waterfalls, glistening meats sweaty with succulent juices, decadent visions of complex flavor deconstructions that boggle the imagination and glare in the face of physics itself – madness!

These images stimulate the appetite, stirring hungers for things that are so bad for us that it’s a hidden blessing that they are so far from our reach either in availability or cost.

How many times have you turned to your sad desk side lunch with that disappointing look in your eyes after having gazed so lovingly at your pinterest feed? Two timer! Philanderer! Left overs were good enough for you before you became a foodie!

Where has the love gone?
Will normal looking food ever be good enough again?

It’s not very likely. As humans we always seem to crave the thing we can never possess the most…and in truth, is that not part of it’s allure?

Don’t let your delectable addictions ruin your life. Push back from the keyboard; get in there and reconnect with the food that’s yours. Your trek into the seedy underworld of umami doesn’t have to damage your relationship with the simple things in your pantry. It’s ok to masticate meat loaf, it’s fine to cuddle up with your cabbages, ‘cause if you like it put an onion ring on it!

…besides, you can’t really fight the food porn. You’re searching for the most innocuous thing and there’s a picture of a plate of sweet chili sriracha bacon staring you right in the face. But there’s no reason you can’t use that evil for good! Let it sharpen your senses and make you all the more appreciative when you do get to indulge…just don’t let the wife find out!

All of those pictures of recipes on pinterest are too hard to make anyway.

And I bet they taste terrible….