Everybody Wants To Change The World, Nobody Wants To Change The Toilet Paper Roll

Social Media Commentary By D.B.Hall

I wanna thank all my Facebook friends and fans for sticking around whilst I was prevented from interacting upon this privately owned but publicly traded social media platform. I’m glad to be back.

That being said, I’ll always defend a person’s right to say whatever they want, even stuff I don’t agree with and may find offensive, vulgar or foolish. Just because it’s on your mind, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s from the heart, but always endeavor and appreciate that it takes both to communicate effectively.

Words mean things. It’s how we get our needs met and our point across. Use them wisely not just to win an argument but to offer another point of view or perception; then and only then does the argument return to a discussion, civil or otherwise.

Have little doubt folks, if you know me, you know damn well I’ll write or say something that will certainly offend someone, somehow, at sometime or another. I was banned for stating on a social media platform (not a page that I own or operate) on some other participant’s group post that, and I quote…

“I wouldn’t be disappointed at all to see the current president go the same way as JFK.”

Was this in bad taste? Of course it was. That was why I said it. Because I have an inalienable right to say something really stupid’ where and when I want. (Though I should remain mindful of who is listening and on what platform I expunge my ideas upon.)

Did I make a veiled threat against a person’s life or limb? Not bloody likely. I’ve heard/read/seen worse from others but this in no way diminishes my own accountability for my actions.

Now keep in mind I’ve said this very thing about quite a few standing presidents and elected officials, but I’ve no real intent or will to do them harm. Frankly, I could care less about that circus of fools and harlots anymore.

My only real flaw is I love stirring up shit. There you have it. I love to give it a good splashing just to make sure if its going to be flung around, let’s be damn sure to cover it all. Quite honestly, I can’t help myself. It’s a real malady I tell ya. One that has caused me great consternation over the years for my exhibitions and meditations upon the rude, crass and blasphemous. Especially when they escape my mind, and fall thoughtlessly from my mouth.

Awe well, I’ll own up to what I can and make any emends for what I can’t and ta’ hell with all the rest. I say have at it as always. Be boisterous and loud if you need. Who gives a damn really? We’re all just guessing and we all fucking know shit.

Be a damn shame to waste what you got, being all pissed off about what it ain’t. Wipe your ass, wash your hands, and move the fuck along.

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