Does It Matter?

Oh, that old question….

Universally? Ultimately? NO.
Nothing we hairless primates ever do on this spinning ball of galactic dust will ever have a grand impact on the larger reality of this plane of existence.

Sadly…even less galactically…
Nothing you do today very likely will be remembering in 10 years.
Or even 50 years.
Much less 100 years.
Fact is, for most of us, even if we are loved and revered will be all but completely forgotten within three generations of our passing.

Does that mean it’s not important? That *we’re* not important!?
Well. Yes and no.

Ultimately importance is like much else: subjective to the observer.
What is important to you, what may have great purpose to you, can mean diddle to someone else.
In most cases the only reason external entities consider the same things important to themselves that you do is if they are empathetic towards you due to compassion within themselves, or perceived benefit to their own self.

For instance, it may be the foundation of your universe that your oatmeal have precisely 11 raisins in it every morning. No more. No Less. The reality you perceive would be completely unhinged were this ever to change; so it is to you of great importance.

The rest of the world, in actuality, cares not. It rolls on.

Import/value is solely a thing created by ourselves…it’s value can be agreed upon by others – making us feel validated in it’s appreciation – but once the observer is removed from it’s connection to the thing that all falls away.

Does that mean it doesn’t MATTER?

What matters…is what’s important to us.
Anything beyond that is largely service to others,or placating external needs.

Which can be important to us if we so choose.

WHY we do a thing – hopefully – is because we gain some pleasure or fulfillment in doing so. Those things certainly matter to the people who benefit from our actions; if we are doing them for the right reasons we should be as well.

Would the world stop if we stopped doing those things…whether they “matter” or not?

Therefore they only have the import we place on them.

It can be very freeing in a way to realize this. Will the world come unglued if I don’t get that client commitment done today like I said I would…no. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences.

Sometimes the management of consequence determines the import of something as well.

Then of course…you go all meta-physical. Butterfly flutters and tsunamis…this doctrine tells us that everything we think, feel or do resonates and energy which however minute can alter the very fabric of the existence in which we reside. To consider this side of reality EVERYTHING matters.

In the end it’s up to us to choose what to focus on. To face the myriad distractions and phantasms that surround us on all sides and find what is important to US. To choose to cast our energies frivolously at every passing thing or to reserve our strengths to nurture those more lasting things which have some hope of impacting others and having a life beyond our hand.

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